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No Standards No./Title Std.
Year Preview  
1 SIRIM 1:2014
Garis panduan kebersihan tandas masjid dan surau
SIRIM Std Original 2014  
2 SIRIM 2:2014
Garis panduan penarafan kebersihan tandas masjid dan surau
SIRIM Std Original 2014  
3 SIRIM 3:2014
Code of practice for installation and maintenance of ceiling fan
SIRIM Std Original 2014  
4 SIRIM 4:2014
Good practices in implementing commuting safety management
SIRIM Std Original 2014  
5 SIRIM 4:2014 (BM)
Amalan baik dalam pelaksanaan pengurusan keselamatan perjalanan
SIRIM Std Original 2014  
6 SIRIM 5:2016
Guidelines for implementing Green 5S system
SIRIM Std Original 2016  
7 SIRIM 6:2016
Requirements for Customer Service Management (CSM)
SIRIM Std Original 2016  
8 SIRIM 7:2016
Requirements for implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) based on SIRIM Total Quality Fast Track Model (TQFTM)
SIRIM Std Original 2016  
9 SIRIM 8:2016
Guidance towards becoming an innovative organisation
SIRIM Std Original 2016  
10 SIRIM 9:2017
Thermoplastic stopvalves for potable water supply in buildings
SIRIM Std Original 2017  
Page: of 6, Total 56

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