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No Standards No./Title Std.
Year Preview  
1 JKR/ SIRIM 4:2021
Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for office buildings
Org Std Original 2021  
2 SIRIM/DVS 1-1:2012
Traceability of Edible-Birdnest (EBN) Products: Part 1 - Requirements
Org Std Original 2012  
3 SIRIM/DVS 1-2:2012
Traceability of Edible-Birdnest (EBN) Products: Part 2 - Specification for Packaging, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Reader and Tag
Org Std Original 2012  
4 JKR/SIRIM 1:2017
Manual for Green Product Scoring System
Org Std Original 2017  
5 SIRIM/UPM 1:2016
General principles and criteria on sustainable development
Org Std Original 2016  
6 SIRIM/MOA 1:2017
Good practice for primary processing of post-harvested herbs
Org Std Original 2017  
7 SIRIM/DOA 1:2019
Requirements for heat treatment of wood and wood packaging materials (WPM)
Org Std Original 2019  
8 SIRIM/MOA 1:2017 (BM)
Amalan baik bagi pemprosesan awal herba lepastuai
Org Std Original 2017  
9 SIRIM/DVS 2:2014
Requirements for Traceability of Raw Edible-Birdnest (EBN)
Org Std Original 2014  
10 SIRIM/MOA 2:2017
Good practice for the production of herbal extracts - Aqueous and/or ethanolic extraction
Org Std Original 2017  
Page: of 3, Total 26

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